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I and my partner Matthias Mauer started IBS Technology because we saw a need for IT solutions, especially in CRM consulting. There is so much we can do if we talk about customizing CRM systems, system integration or just providing knowledge to help businesses with their customer relationships. After working for Update I had gained the necessary know-how to provide such solutions. Of course I am still learning every day, and this helps us come up with fresh ideas and new solutions, which enables us to grow as a company and stay dynamic. Our long years of experience in CRM and system integrations have given us the ability to see the market needs. We know the obstacles in the market, but we also know how we could fix it. We are constantly looking for new concepts and ideas to deliver solutions!
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Donny Santoso
Founder & CEO of IBS Technology

IBS Technology decided to expand its coverage to Indonesia in anticipation of the country's rapid business growth. We foresaw the need of CRM solutions for Indonesian businesses to be able to stay competitive in the increasingly globalized market. Adapting to the market's needs, we eventually built and customized other applications that can seamlessly synergize with the CRM environment, thus further enhancing the relationship management capability. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Fandy Santoso
Co-founder and Director of IBS Teknologi Indonesia

Since the beginning of our Update CRM project, IBS Technology have successfully delivered solutions that cater our needs. Moreover they have shown outstanding effort to maintain our CRM system robust 24/7, which is crucial for our CRM team across the globe.

Marc Stumpp
Oerlikon Balzers

As a design and implementation partner in our update CRM project IBS Technology have played their significant role in a remarkable manner. From pre- to post-implementation phase, in simple up to challenging scenarios involving other IT systems, they succeeded to make things work as we required.

Cagatay Ulukan
Messer - Industrial Gasses

We are very pleased to cooperate with IBS Technology in one of our clients' CRM project. Despite of being IT specialist they are strong in understanding business processes, so that we connect easily with each other. The outcome of this is together with IBS Technology we have succeeded creating CRM solutions that bring our client beneficial and sustainable value.

Markus Laurenz
Goetzpartners - Management Consulting

we are expert and experienced in CRM and business processes

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