Implementation & development

A targeted Salesforce implementation drives your digital transformation forward. As your partner, we integrate digital solutions into your processes, increase efficiency and productivity and navigate you safely to success in the digital age.

Step-by-step innovation: develop and grow with Salesforce

After a thorough analysis, we define the scope and specific requirements together. We guide you through the entire process – from planning and design to implementation, validation and deployment. We not only develop your new digital Salesforce architecture step by step, but also ensure that your team grows into it in parallel in order to sustainably promote the efficiency and growth of your company.

There's a lot to be said for us as a Salesforce partner

Certified full-service partner

Benefit from our in-depth Salesforce and industry expertise based on years of experience.

Customized solutions

Every consultation and strategy is tailored specifically to your business challenges and goals.

Measurable results

Our focus is on achieving tangible, measurable results for your business through strategic Salesforce applications.

Standardized project structure and communication

The standardized mapping of documents, task descriptions and test results, including the acceptance process, on a common platform creates a relaxed collaboration between all project participants, as access to information is guaranteed at all times.

360° information flow

A regular 360° flow of information among all those involved helps to increase acceptance. Continuous positive development is achieved with the help of short sprints. In this way, results can be validated regularly so that countermeasures can be taken at an early stage in the event of potential challenges.

Cultivating change management

We take the consequences of change into account, as digital change can only be successful with the support of the workforce. Every company is unique, our experience shows the way.

Our development & implementation process

As a competent Salesforce consulting specialist, we offer you comprehensive support throughout the entire process so that your CRM system is implemented professionally from the outset and offers your company the added value you expect as quickly as possible.



We combine classic and agile methods to develop the digital architecture iteratively and react quickly to new requirements.



Right from the start, we follow a structured plan. By conducting workshops with stakeholders and forming focus groups, we systematically determine the requirements until the needs of all departments are clearly defined.



We outline the project approach, identify required resources, including procedural and technical aspects, to set the framework for implementation.



We develop the planned solution by translating the defined requirements into a functioning system. Agile development methods allow us to react flexibly to changes and make continuous progress.



The validation phase serves to check and ensure that the developed solution meets the requirements. Through tests and feedback rounds with users, we ensure that the solution works without errors and effectively meets user needs.



After successful validation, the solution is integrated into the existing system landscape and released for use in the company. This phase also includes end-user training and the provision of support resources to ensure a smooth transition and a high level of acceptance.

This is where success stories begin.

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