AI consulting

Staying ahead of the competition means taking advantage of technological developments. Artificial intelligence is increasingly revolutionizing markets and creating countless opportunities for companies. Are you wondering which AI solution is right for your company?

We advise you and provide clarity. After a comprehensive initial analysis, we will present you with tailor-made AI applications that are perfectly suited to your business processes.

Artificial intelligence tailored to you

Our AI consulting not only gives you an insight into promising technologies, but also practical solutions that are tailored specifically to your needs. From automation and chatbots to advanced machine learning, we have the expertise to take your company into the future.

AI consulting package

Our AI consulting offers tailor-made solutions to optimize your workflows and revolutionize your services. We start with a thorough analysis of your processes to identify up to 10 potential areas for AI deployment. After a joint “discovery call”, we focus on a specific use case that will benefit your company the most.


Preliminary analysis

First, we examine your company to gain an in-depth understanding of your products, services and internal processes. The aim is to identify areas in which AI can be put to good use.


Identification of potential AI application areas

Based on our analysis, we identify up to 10 potential areas in which AI could support your company. These could include, for example, process automation, customer service improvement or data-driven decision making.


Discovery Call

In a detailed discussion, the discovery call, we present these potential AI application areas to you. We discuss these opportunities with you to understand which ones best fit your goals and needs.


Creation of a rough concept

Once we have agreed on one or more use cases, we develop a rough concept for the implementation. This concept includes the proposed implementation, the necessary resources, the estimated effort on both the hardware and the software side, and a plan for resource management.


Presentation and discussion of the concept

In a final meeting, we present you with our elaborated concept. This includes our recommended approach, alternative approaches, steps for implementation, expected added value, an ROI analysis, risks and key factors for successful implementation.


Next steps

Once the concept has been presented, you can decide whether you would like to commission us with further project planning and the creation of a detailed technical concept. Alternatively, you can also choose another company for these steps. We also offer the implementation of the project, including the development of customized chatbots, automation solutions and the implementation of machine learning.

Ready to explore the many AI possibilities in your company?

Contact us for a no-obligation discovery call, and let’s shape the path to an innovative future together.

Case studies

AI-powered search:

In one of our recent projects, we worked with a company that owns the largest database of construction deals in Germany. Through our AI consulting, we developed an AI-powered search function that enables clients to search for suitable leads more efficiently through text-based search profiles. This system learns continuously and improves the search results on an ongoing basis.

AI in service dispatching

Another customer, specializing in air and heating technology, was looking for our support to optimize its customer service. Here, we used AI to improve the dispatching of service employees by matching the skills of the employees with the requirements of the products in order to find the most suitable employee for the respective assignment.

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