Salesforce is the world’s leading customer relationship management system or CRM system for short. A significant part of the great success of the cloud-based platform is the versatility and adaptability of Salesforce. Salesforce is therefore not only aimed at specific companies, but in principle at all small, medium-sized and large companies in the world.

In order to be the CRM system for every company, Salesforce offers a variety of different offers for its customers and users. In addition to different versions and customization and customization options, there are also numerous other exciting options from Salesforce.

In any case, this also includes Salesforce Trailhead, an offer from Salesforce that opens many possibilities for its users. In this article, you can find out exactly what these are and what Salesforce Trailhead is. – Have fun while reading!

What exactly is Salesforce Trailhead?

With Trailhead, Salesforce has created a unique online learning platform. This enables easy and independent learning of important skills in dealing with Salesforce. The best thing about this learning platform, in addition to the ease of use and the good learning progress, is the price, because Salesforce Trailhead ist komplett kostenlos is completely free.

The learning content has been optimally prepared and is very well divided so that everyone has exactly the tools they need. With Salesforce Trailhead, you will learn many important skills in a very short time and gain exciting insights into special technologies.

Of course, these are not just any skills and technologies. Rather, as a free online learning platform, Salesforce Trailhead is all about Salesforce as a CRM platform. Through the learning units, you will learn to find your way around better and to use the different functions that Salesforce offers with its services and products optimally and efficiently.


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Why should you use Salesforce Trailhead?

There are many arguments in favor of Salesforce’s free online learning platform and we have already mentioned a few. But for many, the question of meaning still arises. However, the reason for using it is relatively simple: Since Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM system, an incredible number of companies around the world naturally also use it. The likelihood that your future or current employer or business partner will use Salesforce services in their day-to-day business is very high.

Due to the widespread and frequent use of Salesforce, Salesforce skills and knowledge increase your market value on the job market and your attractiveness to future employers, but also to business partners. So take advantage of this optimal opportunity, the free and innovative way of further education in a very interesting and sought-after area with the help of Salesforce Trailhead.

Who is Salesforce Trailhead for?

Salesforce Trailhead is made for workers who want to develop their skills and learn something new. As a free and standalone online portal for innovative self-learning, many employees are already using what Salesforce offers with great progress. Many are learning about the capabilities of Salesforce on their own, while others are encouraged by their managers to use Salesforce Trailhead for training purposes.

But not only employees can benefit from the special learning offer of Salesforce. Because managing directors, department heads, and entrepreneurs also have many opportunities with this platform. Because before you buy Salesforce products, you can take a closer look to get an idea and run some tests.

You can either request a demo version of Salesforce or sign up for a free Trailhead account. With this, you can play around within Salesforce Trailhead completely free of charge and try out everything relevant to you.

What benefits does Salesforce Trailhead offer its users?

We have put together a brief overview of the most important advantages of the online learning platform from Salesforce for you. Please note that these are just a few selected benefits of the offer. As a Salesforce Trailhead user, you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Free online learning platform
  • Simple and structured learning content
  • Location and time-independent learning
  • Interactive learning offer for everyone
  • Gamified learning with fun
  • Effective self-directed learning
  • acquisition of important skills
  • Improve your CV
  • Exciting insights into Salesforce
  • Important know-how about Salesforce
  • Tests in the Salesforce interface
  • Facilitate the purchase decision

How can you use Salesforce Trailhead?

If you liked the information about the Salesforce learning offer and you would like to use Salesforce Trailhead, then this is very easy to do. Sign in to Trailhead with a Google, LinkedIn, or email account.

If you are already a Salesforce customer, you can also log in with your credentials. That’s basically it; you can get started with Salesforce Trailhead.

However, there is another way to use Salesforce Trailhead. We would like to present these to you in more detail in the next paragraph.

Salesforce myTrailhead

How is Salesforce myTrailhead different from Salesforce Trailhead?

The Salesforce myTrailhead proposal is a customization option from Trailhead. As a company, you have the opportunity to create a personal learning offer for your company or your employees. With just a few clicks and your brand and voice, you have already created a personal learning opportunity.

In Salesforce myTrailhead you then access the public content from Trailhead and adapt it to your needs and requirements and ideas. Thanks to the simple structure of Salesforce myTrailhead, you and your company also have the opportunity to integrate your own videos or presentations into the learning offer. You can create and share new custom content in Salesforce Trailhead.

Salesforce myTrailhead allows not only access on the desktop but also use on smartphones. The learning offer thus covers the onboarding as well as the retraining and qualification of employees. Through the diverse compilation of over 500 different modules, employees can learn effectively and profoundly.

As a team leader, manager or CEO, you always have an overview of your employees’ activities on Salesforce myTrailhead. This allows you to monitor internal training and track the progress of your employees.

Compared to Salesforce Trailhead, Salesforce myTrailhead is not free because it is aimed exclusively at companies and offers some additional functions and personalization options. With 25 euros per user and month, however, Salesforce has a very fair offer for the multitude of possibilities. It is also an add-on to any Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or Platform license in the Enterprise Edition or higher.