Salesforce Sales Cloud plans and pricing

As the leading cloud-based customer relationship management platform, Salesforce is versatile. However, since not every user or company that actively uses Salesforce needs the same functions and options, there are different Salesforce prices or price packages. Therefore, on this page you will find an exact comparison of the various Salesforce Sales Cloud prices and their functions. More specifically, in this comparison we are referring to the various offerings in the Salesforce Sales Cloud space.


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Four price packages with different features

But first things first; because the cheapest Salesforce price is, as already mentioned, 25 euros per month and per user. This is covered with the Lightning Essentials package. This package allows the use of ten users of a company at the same time. It also comes with the most important functions and is therefore primarily suitable for smaller companies with a small budget.

If your requirements are a bit more differentiated, the second package is the right choice. Under the name Lightning Professional, you get two dozen more functions for a Salesforce price of 75 euros per month and user compared to the first price package. You can also use Lightning Professional with an unlimited number of users in your organization at the same time.

For larger companies that want even more, there are the two most expensive pricing packages. Lightning Enterprise is the most popular edition of Sales Cloud at €150 per user per month. You can use this to make individual adjustments to the CRM system.

The same applies to Lightning Unlimited, which is the most expensive Salesforce price at 300 euros per month and user. You also benefit from more data storage and free training.

To get to know the individual Salesforce prices for the Sales Cloud and their options in more detail, simply take a look at our clear price table. There you will also find the price and the individual functions under the respective name of the price package.

Detailed explanations of each product

Salesforce Essentials

For a Salesforce price of 25 euros per month you get Salesforce Essentials. Sales Cloud’s most cost-effective pricing package is ready to use and suitable for users of up to 10 users in your company.

In addition to account and contact management as well as opportunity and lead management, you can also easily manage tasks and events. You also get access to case management. You can personalize and customize your dashboards and also access Sales Cloud from mobile devices. Last but not least, you have the e-mail integration and the collaboration tool from Salesforce.

This makes Salesforce Essentials suitable for smaller companies and startups with a small budget and a small team of a maximum of 10 users. Salesforce gives you the option to upgrade to the larger pricing plans at any time.

Lightning Professional

With the Lightning Professional package for a Salesforce price of 75 euros per month you get a complete CRM system for teams of all sizes. This offers you the same functions as Salesforce Essentials. On top of that, however, there is a whole range of other options.

This gives you access to the Sales Console and a limited number of processes, record types, profiles and role permission sets. The number of apps and tabs is unlimited in Lightning Professional. You can use campaign management and create and manage offers and orders. Collaboration is also possible with this price package when creating forecasts. You can also create bulk emails and have access to the Salesforce Inbox. You can also use the company address database for your sales and benefit from Salesforce Engage and Salesforce CPQ.

With this wealth of possibilities and the unlimited number of users, the Lightning Professional package is well suited for small to medium-sized companies that are looking for a powerful CRM.

Lightning Enterprise

The Lightning Enterprise price package, which you can book for a Salesforce price of 150 euros per month, offers you a flexibly adaptable CRM for your sales. This has all the options of the Lightning Professional package and comes with the following additional functions:

You can create multiple sales consoles and manage your sales territories in a targeted manner. In addition, the forecasting functionality is expanded and workflows can be automated. The entire workflow is more efficient thanks to user profiles and page layouts as well as collaboration in teams. You also benefit from the Salesforce Identity, the Salesforce Private App Exchange and the opportunity to develop your own applications. In addition, you get several sandboxes and can easily integrate third-party tools via web services API. As if that weren’t enough, you can track trends over time and automate approvals.

This makes Lightning Enterprise the CRM solution for all medium-sized and larger companies that work in large teams and want to flexibly adapt and personalize their CRM.

Lightning Unlimited

Adaptability is also the focus of the Lightning Unlimited package for a Salesforce price of 300 euros. Because here you get unrestricted CRM functions and around-the-clock support from Salesforce. This package includes all the services of the previous price packages and has a few more worthwhile functions and options.

This gives you as a user additional data storage for larger projects. In addition, your sandbox environment is expanded and you receive over 100 administration services. This allows you to completely personalize your CRM and adapt it to your needs and projects. So that your employees and users of the Salesforce Sales Cloud can also work optimally, you get full access to all online training courses from Salesforce. In addition, you can use the competent Salesforce Support with a toll-free number around the clock to clarify any questions and problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With the Lightning Unlimited package, Salesforce has created an offer for all larger companies that need a completely personalized CRM. On top of that, you also get free 24-hour support and unlimited access to online training courses.

Sales Cloud Pricing Overview

Sell faster and smarter with a CRM that you can customize to your specific needs

Essentials Professional Enterprise Unlimited
Leads effizienter ausfindig machen und managen
Weiterleiten und Zuweisen von Leads
Regelbasierte Bewertung von Leads
KI-gestützte Bewertung von Leads
Verhindern von Duplikaten
Erfassung von Online-Leads
Kampagneneinfluss 3 5 5
Salesforce Engage
B2B-Marketingautomatisierung mit Pardot
Kunden- und Vertriebsdetails verwalten
Account- und Kontaktmanagement
Anpassbarer Vertriebsprozess
Aufgabenverwaltung und Aktivitätsfeeds
Automatische Aktivitätserfassung**
Kalender – alle
Salesforce Konsole für den Vertrieb 1
Lightning Dialer
KI-gestützte Automated Contacts
KI-gestützte Opportunity-Bewertung
Verkauf von überall und über jedes Gerät
Salesforce Mobile App
Offline-Verfügbarkeit aller Funktionen auf Mobilgeräten
Mobile App (Posteingang)**
Präzisere Umsatzprognosen
KI-gestütztes Forecasting
Benutzerdefinierte Opportunity-Felder in Forecasting
Zusammenarbeit bei Erstellung von Prognosen
Mobile Forecasting-App
Gebietsmanagement für Unternehmen
Konfiguration, Preisgestaltung, Angebotserstellung und Rechnungsstellung
Produkte und Preiskataloge
Salesforce CPQ
Salesforce Rechnungserstellung
In Echtzeit wertvolle Einblicke in Ihren Vertrieb erhalten
KI-gestützte Opportunity-Einblicke
KI-gestützte Account-Einblicke
Anpassbare Berichte und Dashboards
Umfassende Berichtsfunktionen
Sales Analytics-App
Unternehmensweite Zusammenarbeit
Empfehlungen und Themen
Salesforce für alle Ihre Partner
Lightning Bolt Lösungen
Vereinfachtes Cross-Selling und Up-Selling
Wissensdatenbank Knowledge (Lesezugriff)
Wissensdatenbank Knowledge (Lese-/Schreibzugriff)
Anpassung und Automatisierung von Prozessen
Lightning Platform
Process Builder (Prozesse pro Org) 5 5​ Unb.​ Unb.​
Automatisierung von Workflows und Genehmigungen
Lightning App Builder
Anpassbare Profile und Seitenlayouts 2​ Unb.​ Unb.​
Rollen und Berechtigungen 2​ Unb.​ Unb.​
Datensatztypen (pro Objekt) 3 Unb.​ Unb.​
Sandbox mit beschränktem Funktionsumfang 1 1
Sandbox mit vollem Funktionsumfang 1
Entwickler Pro-Sandbox
Datenspeicher pro Benutzer
Dateispeicher pro Benutzer
Unbegrenzte benutzerdefinierte Anwendungen
Vertriebsinformationen mit beliebigen Anwendungen vernetzen
E-Mail-Integration mit Outlook
Desktop-App (Posteingang)**
Google Apps Integration
Lightning Sync
Das Potenzial von Salesforce voll ausschöpfen
Online-Supportanfrage (Bearbeitungszeit: 2 Tage)
Zugriff auf Premier Success Ressourcen
Gebührenfreie Telefonnummer für Support rund um die Uhr
Support für Entwickler
Unbegrenzter Zugriff auf Onlineschulungen
Zugriff auf Accelerators