Salesforce Modules and Prices

Salesforce is known to be the market leader in the field of cloud-based customer relationship management platforms. Above all, Salesforce impresses with its flexibility, which means that the platform can be used anywhere and for any process. This is the reason why many companies rely on Salesforce and have integrated the platform into their everyday business.

However, different companies need different options. Not every user needs all functions or cannot use all functions because Salesforce is so extensive. For this reason, Salesforce offers different modules with different Salesforce prices for its customers and users. On this page, we compare the different Salesforce prices of the different modules for you.

What all modules have in common at different Salesforce prices

Although the range of functions and thus also the usability of the individual Salesforce modules is sometimes very different, all modules have one thing in common. As a user, you receive this for every module, regardless of the Salesforce price.

We’re talking about the Salesforce Platform itself. Because this is the heart of all modules and probably the main reason why you choose Salesforce. There are different modules on this innovative, powerful and extensive platform, such as Sales, Service, Marketing, IoT, Marketing, and much more. Now let’s look at the individual modules in detail and focus on the differences. Because not only the Salesforce prices but also the functions and possibilities of the Salesforce modules differ greatly.

The Salesforce Sales Cloud

The first product is Salesforce’s Sales Cloud. As the name suggests, this module is geared towards the sales area. These are available in four variants with very different Salesforce prices; Lightning Essentials is available for €25 per user per month, Lightning Professionals for €75, Lightning Enterprise for €150 and Lightning Unlimited for €300 per user per month.

Lightning Essentials is a complete CRM system that can be used by a maximum of five users in a company. For this simple reason and because of the low price, the cheapest package is aimed primarily at small companies with a small budget and a small number of employees. The requirements should not be too high here either, but you can upgrade to the next level without any problems.

Lightning Professional is the next higher variant of the Sales Cloud just mentioned. Here too, users receive a complete CRM system with a broader range of functions. It is particularly important here that Lightning Professional allows an unlimited number of users. The package is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized companies.

Lightning Enterprise and Lightning Unlimited, on the other hand, are suitable for large companies with larger requirements. With both variants, they receive an individually adaptable CRM system with a large number of functions. Competent support for software development and customization is also offered. With Lightning Unlimited, this support is provided in addition to telephone support through free training courses. Both variants of the Salesforce Sales Cloud are aimed at large companies with many users and high demands as well as customization requests.

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The Sales and Service Cloud

The Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud is also divided into three well-known packages. For 100 euros per user and per month companies get Lightning Professionals, for 176 euros there is Lightning Enterprise and for 325 euros per user and per month users get Lightning Unlimited. The division is therefore the same as with the Salesforce Sales Cloud and the Salesforce Service Cloud. Only the prices are a bit more expensive, but the packages are also more extensive.

Because, as you can already tell from the name, the Sales and Service Cloud is a combination of the two previous offerings. So, if companies are active both in the area of product sales and in the area of services, this CRM solution is ideal. It offers both the features of Sales Cloud and the capabilities of Service Cloud for the normal price of a package with a small additional charge.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud aims for optimal interaction with customers on a wide variety of platforms and channels. This communication and the associated strategies and planning can be optimally mapped and optimized in the Marketing Cloud. In terms of price, the costs for the Marketing Cloud are set individually on request with Salesforce. The main offers are in the area of e-mail, mobile and web marketing, social media marketing and online advertising.

Through individual customer journeys, companies can precisely track, analyze and optimize personalized advertising campaigns step by step. Whether the marketing is via social media platforms, search engines or email; with the Marketing Cloud, there are countless possibilities. There is also the option of expanding to Salesforce Pardot, i.e. Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation.

Salesforce Pardot for B2B marketing automation

Salesforce Pardot is B2B marketing automation. There are three different variants: While Pardot Growth costs 1,250 euros and holds up to 10,000 contacts, Pardot Plus costs 2,500 euros and offers space for 10,000 contacts. Pardot Advanced has a Salesforce price of 4,000 euros and again has a capacity of 10,000 contacts.

So in terms of capacity, all three variants of Salesforce Pardot are the same. Of course, they differ in terms of functionality. Basically, Pardot is a kind of interface between sales and marketing in an innovative platform. Pardot takes care of the automated allocation of leads and filters according to the value of the leads.

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The Salesforce Community Cloud

Basically, the Salesforce Community Cloud is a communication tool that simplifies communication with partners and customers. The Community Cloud is again divided into three variants with different Salesforce prices. Customer community and partner community are two options for which the price can only be communicated individually after consultation. Employee community and applications, on the other hand, cost 25 euros per month and user.

The Community Cloud offers many opportunities to improve internal communication within the company. Especially when the cloud used is to be extended to customers and partners. Depending on the usage volume, there are different offers and Salesforce prices.

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The prices for the Salesforce Commerce Cloud are also only available on request. The three pricing plans of Commerce Cloud are; Commerce Cloud Digital, Order Management and Endless Aisle. All packages are designed to support offline and online shops. The Commerce Cloud scores particularly well regarding the presence of the shops.

For example, website templates can be used via Commerce Cloud Digital. In addition, the Commerce Cloud not only makes implementation much easier, but also management. Endless Aisle is primarily aimed at the inventory in the warehouse and the offers in the offline and online shops. In addition, companies can also use the cloud-based processing of orders in the Commerce Cloud.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics for AI analytics

With Salesforce Einstein Analytics , companies get an optimal opportunity for analysis using AI, i.e. artificial intelligence. While Sales Cloud Einstein is available for EUR 50 per month and per user, Service Analytics costs EUR 75 per month and per user. The price for the Einstein Analytics platform can only be found on request from Salesforce.

The AI analysis offers an innovative, efficient and optimal way to analyze a variety of data. These are processed and evaluated so that companies can use them to optimize sales and marketing.

The Salesforce Platform

The Salesforce Platform is a platform that companies can use to digitize and automate any business process. All Salesforce functions are made available with the platform, such as:

  • Data modeling
  • Integration options with other systems
  • Standard integration with Exchange and Gmail
  • Access Permissions
  • Process automation
  • etc.

The Salesforce pricing tier for this platform is as follows: Employee Apps Starter costs 25 euros per month and per user, while Employee Apps Plus costs 100 euros. Heroku Enterprise Starter costs a whopping €4,000 but is valid for an entire company per month. Platform Unlimited is linked directly to a request to Salesforce, so there is no one-size-fits-all price.

The different packages have different ranges of functions and are of different complexity. With the unlimited package, however, companies with many employees and users have the great advantage that they do not pay per user. With a mid-four-digit sum, larger companies are completely covered and can plan better.

Salesforce CPQ / Billing for process chains and invoicing

With the help of Salesforce CPQ, companies can easily and clearly digitally map process chains. As a result, the sales process can be simplified and partially automated. With Salesforce CPQ for 75 euros per user and per month, there is the basic version with all the necessary functions. Anyone who pays twice that, i.e. 150 euros, receives CPQ+ and, on request, companies can receive individual offers for CPQ+ with invoicing. This means that the sales processes can be linked directly to invoicing.