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Digital and networked work is becoming increasingly diverse and subject to constant change. Companies that do not keep pace risk falling behind. Our tailored CRM/AI solutions help companies to future-proof themselves and explore innovative paths.

Our Diverse Services include:

Salesforce meets AI

As a certified Salesforce Partner, we offer innovative Business Solutions (IBS) in CRM/Digitization. From strategic consulting to the implementation of tailored AI & Salesforce solutions, we support you in digital transformation.

Artificial Intelligence

Which AI solution is right for your company? We advise you and provide clarity. We present tailored AI applications that fit perfectly with your business processes.

Change Management

Companies need effective change management to respond to changes and continue to grow. IBS supports successful transformation with its expertise, strengthening your corporate culture in the process.

Our Areas of Application:

Manufacturing Industry

Construction & Building Suppliers


Our case studies show how tailored solutions overcome real challenges and create added value for our customers. Discover how we tackle industry-specific problems with technology and strategy to achieve measurable success.

Our Products & Partners


Transform your custom Word templates into complete Salesforce documents with MyDocGen. With just one click, your Salesforce data is automatically integrated into the documents – simple and fast.

Happy Deal

With just one click, generate a tailored Salesforce quote for your prospects. Use our prepared templates and modules to tailor the offer perfectly to your requirements.


Baucore is your innovative solution for sales and management in the construction and building supplier industry. With real-time data and intuitive tools, Baucore enables efficient project management, improves team collaboration, and optimizes processes for timely and cost-effective project completion.


SalesExt is your AI-powered personal assistant, specifically tailored to the needs of sales representatives, especially for mobile field sales. SalesExt converts your voice inputs into a structured summary of highlights, tasks, topics, and participants, allowing you to effectively prepare for your customer visits.


With PipeLaunch, optimize your sales processes, increase the efficiency of your sales teams, and shorten the sales cycle. Benefit from advanced analytics, automated workflows, and personalized customer interactions to achieve your sales goals faster and more effectively.


Increase your sales success in the field of object sales with our professional training. By participating, you gain access to our proven strategies and deep expertise, helping you and your team efficiently achieve your sales goals without wasting time.

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