IBS Technology delivers CRM solutions. Over the years we have gained experience and know-how on all kinds of problems in the IT sector, this has given us the chance to deliver solutions for the market. With specialization in CRM customizing and in system integration we can offer a wide range of services. Please check out our main expertise.

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Consulting Service

To be able to appropriately offer you our solution, we need to know your needs and aspirations in advancing your company. From there IBS Technology will try to help your employees to manage their projects more efficiently and help them develop and retain more profitable customer relationships. We will help you accelerate growth, improve sales and reduce your customer-care costs, which enables you to build up a strong relationship with your clients.


To gain and maintain maximum results in your customer relationships, IBS Technology offers you an organized and structured CRM system according to your needs. This way it will lower the work pressure of your employees which will result in better performance and give them more time to focus on other work.

Technical Solution

IBS Technology can assist in implementing your company’s concept into a CRM system and provide solution to technical problems, such as customizing, system integration and other needs.

System Integration

We can help you integrate your system to any other system. We will support you through the integrate process (development, test-phase, migration, productive) until the target system is fully integrated into your system. We will provide pre-consultancy, on-site system analyse, system trial and post- training from our specialist. We also have guide support service for your admin to utilize the system.


IBS Technology provides service to maintain your company’s CRM system. We are also willing to help you to actualize your system, including adding new or removing fields, upgrading the software, new processes or any other need you have.


Other Expertise

As our tagline says: we are a solution provider, and our development team is ready to find the right solution for your system. From SAP Interfacing, Web Service / XML interfacing, Customized Reporting, Add-On Modules, Web Application to System Integration we can customize it to your satisfaction. Just contact us if you need a custom solution for your business!

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