Easily and automatically generate documents in Salesforce

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What is Docomotion?

Docomotion offers a visual editor integrated into Salesforce for creating templates and generating documents. With just one click, documents are created in a variety of output formats and filled with the desired data from Salesforce. Use Docomotion not only in the office, but also on the go with your mobile device.

Why you should implement Docomotion in your business processes:

Create templates quickly, easily and conveniently in the visual editor. This is structured 1:1 like Microsoft Word, i. H. no programming skills are required. Make changes in the Live Editor just before you send your document – ​​on your computer or mobile device.

Interactive forms let you capture digital signatures and save recipient input directly into Salesforce. Send documents to be signed and allow attachments to be added. Conduct surveys that verify product interest and satisfaction. With the help of Docomotion, you work more closely with business partners, increase customer loyalty and make your sales process more efficient.

Automate your document creation by using Process Builder or Flow and generate several thousand documents at once. As a result, Docomotion enables you to minimize manual entries, optimize resources and shorten your sales cycle.

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