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More possibilities with Salesforce as a CRM system

As the leading CRM system, Salesforce offers countless possibilities for a wide variety of industries. This also applies to the construction supply industry in which RECKLI is active. The German company from Recklinghausen has gained a good reputation and a good market position in the field of architectural concrete over the decades. Some time ago, the company decided to build a better customer relationship.

To do this, RECKLI used Salesforce as a CRM system and IBS Technology as a Salesforce partner. – In this short article you will learn why Salesforce is suitable for this and other purposes, which Salesforce products RECKLI uses and what IBS Technology offers as a Salesforce partner. We hope you enjoy reading!

Why is Salesforce suitable for RECKLI and many other companies?

The CRM system Salesforce combines almost all conceivable functions under one roof. However, since Salesforce knows that not every company needs all the functions, but is usually looking for individual solutions and offers, Salesforce offers exactly that.

When RECKLI decided on Salesforce, the company opted for the holistic, innovative and adaptable CRM system. To do this, the different and diverse options that Salesforce offers its users were carefully examined. According to RECKLI, an important decision criterion was the simple and innovative user interface.

The decision to go with Salesforce was made together with the sales team, partly because of the user-friendliness and the modern Lightning interface.

– Dr. Bernd Trompeter, Managing Director of RECKLI

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Which Salesforce products does RECKLI use after the Salesforce consultation?

RECKLI was looking for a way to improve customer contact. This suffered from the company\’s indirect sales model. In addition, RECKLI naturally made several other specific requirements for the new CRM system. Because in addition to Salesforce, the company also examined other alternatives. This also applies to a CRM system from Microsoft, since RECKLI was already working with Microsoft\’s ERP system.

In the end, however, the choice fell on Salesforce and its customized offer. In order to meet all of RECKLI\’s requirements, the architectural concrete company received a combination of Sales Cloud, IBS Baucore, IBS SalesExt, Pardot and Social Studio. This combination enables RECKLI to be closer to the customer, optimize sales and remain on the road to success.

As a Salesforce partner for the construction and construction supply industry, IBS Technology was significantly involved in the implementation and customization of Salesforce for RECKLI. In a detailed Salesforce consultation, RECKLI received valuable information and individual solutions for specific situations. Whether dashboards, analyses or other options; With the help of Salesforce partner IBS Technology, the implementation of Salesforce was completed in a very short time.

Thanks to the good interfaces and the support from the Salesforce partner IBS Technology, which specializes in the construction industry, the integration ran smoothly, so that CRM and ERP now automatically exchange all relevant data bidirectionally.

–  adds Lutz Hammer, Head of Marketing at RECKLI

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What solutions does IBS Technology offer as a Salesforce partner?

As an experienced Salesforce partner, IBS Technology has specialized in the construction industry and supports companies in this sector with all questions relating to Salesforce. If you are interested in implementing a Salesforce offering, you will receive a comprehensive Salesforce consultation. Together we will find individual and efficient solutions that will allow you to benefit as much as possible from the functions and options. The IBS Baucore App is one such option that IBS Technology has developed over the years based on your experience, tailor-made for the construction and construction supply industry.

As with RECKLI, IBS Technology is always at your side as a Salesforce partner to achieve optimal results for you. In the case of the architectural concrete company from Recklinghausen, the optimal solution was a combination of the following offers with the following advantages and possibilities:

With the Salesforce Sales Cloud, various target and customer groups can be precisely recorded and documented. In addition, the indirect sales process can be better supported. Salesforce Pardot enables RECKLI to address specific target groups on its own website and provides important information on individual customer requests.

The Salesforce Mobile App measurably accelerates the field service process and the Salesforce Social Studio enables trends to be identified quickly and to be closer to the market and customers via social networks. In addition, Salesforce Einstein was used to improving communication in the supplier and sales process.

You don\’t have to adopt this solution if you are interested in Salesforce. As a Salesforce partner, IBS Technology offers individual Salesforce advice. You will receive all the necessary information as well as a customized and individual Salesforce solution for your company.

Interested in a Salesforce consultation?

Contact our competent team and together we will successfully implement a CRM project for you!
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