Due to our focus on the construction industry and a large number of projects, we know the industry-specific requirements for Salesforce CRM. The sales and marketing-side processing of construction projects differs significantly from the classic CRM functionalities, which focus on the customer.

It is all the more important to record the industry-specific characteristics and to clarify them as part of a professional consulting beforehand and during the entire course of the project in order to ensure the successful introduction of Salesforce CRM. The customization of the Salesforce platform offers a multitude of possibilities, whereby we advise you with best practice solutions from the industry.

As a competent Salesforce consulting specialist, IBS Technology offers you comprehensive support throughout the entire process in order to introduce your CRM system professionally right from the start and to offer your company the added value that you expect as quickly as possible.

The implementation of a CRM is not as easy as it seems. It is a strategic decision that focuses on topics such as digitization, automation, transparency, collaboration and much more. It is important to involve the various departments such as sales, marketing, service, IT and many others in the process at an early stage.

Therefore, in addition to coordinating the technical requirements with your IT colleagues, we primarily focus on the requirements of the departments and support you in the development of your digitization strategy if desired.

Our project team is put together according to the individual customer’s various requirements. It is important to set up a clear structures and responsibilities with short decision-making processes in order to support the success of the CRM project.

In order to meet customer expectations, it is important to define SMART project goals at an early stage and to pursue them in order to achieve the desired added value as quickly as possible. Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound – goals formulated in this way within the project and the overall project and their continuous pursuit contribute to success.

We work in our projects according to the so-called MVP approach (minimum viable product) in order to enable the customer to work with the system in an early project phase.

A regular 360° flow of information among all those involved helps to increase acceptance. With the help of 14-day sprints, in which results are regularly validated – in order to counteract any challenges that arise at an early stage – a continuously positive development is created.

In order to depict the cooperation between all project participants in an open, transparent and positive manner, all documents, task descriptions and test results, including the acceptance process, are processed on a common platform. This platform is available for project members at all times and ensures that everyone is well informed about the progress of the project.

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