Case Studies

A quick summary on what we are doing for a couple of clients and see the diversity of our work.

IBS Technology - Messer Gases for Life
IBS Technology - Oerlikon Balzers
IBS Technology - Wieland Werke AG
IBS Technology - M&L Individual Marketing Solutions


  • International CRM System Rollout for all European countries
  • SAP ERP bi-directional integration for accounts, contacts, orders, etc. with web service, BAPI, and IDOC technologies
  • JScript and C# AddOn implementation for Update.CRM
  • Post-production support
  • Migration from to update.CRM

Expertising for over 100 years in industrial gases, Messer manufactures & supplies a variety of Industries with a broad spectrum of generally utilized and special gases.

Oerlikon Balzers

  • Worldwide CRM system rollout in less than a year
  • Integration and consolidation of multiple ERP Systems to update.CRM
  • Implementation of complex customer segmentation, budgeting, and forecasting process
  • Full L2 support, currently for around 1.000 users and integrating for additional 1.000 users
  • Migration from to update.CRM

Oerlikon is a leading global technology Group providing marketleading technologies and services in market segments as automotive, aviation, energy, tooling, apparels & industrial textiles equipment & agriculture.


  • Implementation support for a complex opportunity and quotation process
  • Bi-directional SAP Interaction with standard XML technology
  • Integration of Microsoft Excel to automatically calculate complex quotation based on different online data, such as currency exchange, metal prices etc.

Specializing in copper, Wieland is one of the world’s leading producers of semi-finished products from copper materials, offering products and solutions that cater to a broad spectrum of requirements.


  • Complex Integration with Google Maps for comprehensive Retail Management analysis, such as pedestrian flows based on hours
  • Implementation of a retail slot booking system
  • Construction project management for a German-wide retail company

Consulting & managing projects in trade, industry and the services sector, M&L provides their customers with individual marketing solutions, as well as briefings & training for your coworkers .

: CRM related : integration : custom implementation : support : migration

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