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Key Features

IBS Technology Product - MessageBroker - Feature - Free of Charge

Free of charge

The MessageBroker- Core is completely free. Unlike most middleware systems, MessageBroker can be downloaded for free.


IBS Technology Product - MessageBroker - Feature - Easy to configure

Easy to configure

All you need are two or more systems, a MB-Connector and MessageBroker will do the rest.



IBS Technology Product - MessageBroker - Feature - Endless possibilities

Endless possibilities

Whether you want to connect your CRM system to your Facebook database. Or your MailChimp account to your ERP system. With our wide range of MB-Connectors you can connect your systems together.


IBS Technology Product - MessageBroker - Feature - Develop your own MB-Connector

Develop your own MB-Connector

Developers familiar with .NET and XML-Format-Structure are well on their way to develop their own MB-connector and sell it in our ConnectorHub. This makes the ConnectorHub an open source platform. If you aren’t able to develop the desirable connector on your own, just send us a request and we will develop it for you.

What is MessageBroker?

MessageBroker is a free middleware program we have developed to help you connect two or more systems by utilizing one common language. With simple usability, high stability and easy installation process, MessageBroker really makes system integration a stress-free and cost-efficient project.

MessageBroker exist out of two main components.

  • The MB-Core – which you can download for free.
  • The MB-Connectors – which you can download for free or purchase in our ConnectorHub.


Our core system, the MB-Core, is available for you free of charge. The core system acts as the middle-man where it will translate all the incoming and outgoing messages from different systems into one common language, and manage all the process flows within the integrated systems. MessageBroker is developed using standard Microsoft Technology, such as:

  • Internet Information Services
  • MSSQL Database Management System
  • TraceSource


To connect your systems to the MB-Core, you will need a MB-Connector. Each connector is developed specific with certain functionalities for one system. You can download our available connectors in the ConnectorHub. If you don’t find the connector you need, feel free to contact us for a connector request. If you are familiar with .NET and XML-Format-Structure, then you are well on your way to build your own connector through our MessageBroker API.

Download MessageBroker


Real Life Scenario’s examples

IBS Technology Product - MessageBroker - Real Life Scenario - Limesurvey

Limesurvey Integration

Aurea CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM


IBS Technology Product - MessageBroker - Real Life Scenario - MailChimp

MailChimp Integration

Aurea CRM


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