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Aurea CRM

Build business relationship and retain customers, this is the maxim on which the solution of Aurea CRM is built. The marketing-, sales- and service processes in Aurea CRM are already perfectly matched for this.| read more

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IBS Technology - LDAPSync


LDAPSync allows you to automatically synchronize your "Active Directory User"-data with Update.CRM.| read more

IBS Technology - Aurea - Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email series are an indispensable Email Marketing of business life today. With our Email Marketing solution you can see how easily and cost-effectively this can be done.| read more

IBS Technology - Aurea - Feedback Management

Feedback Management

The knowledge about the customer needs is an important competitive advantage and the key to customer loyalty. It’s also a way to save additional cost, as the customer enters the data for you. This gives you the best data quality.| read more

Our Solutions

IBS Technology - MessageBroker


Message Broker is a free middleware program. It helps you link two or more systems together, thus contributing to a cost-effective system integration solution.| read more

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