Im Chatter kann man bisher nur andere Benutzer oder Gruppen erwähnen. Und der Chatter Post wird auf dem Chatter Timeline vom Datensatz angezeigt von wo aus der Nachricht geschrieben wird.

Many marketers and business owners often decides to use Social Media as their primary marketing tool for generating leads. Why you ask? Because mostly it can be accomplished with a low amount of money and because everyone else is doing it. The result? Social Media users statistically generate better prospects with lower cost-per-lead, which ultimately delivers better ROI for the company.

Here are 5 points you can apply to boost your Social Media Marketing activities:

So, after a long wait, the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 On Premise Version is out.

I have a business rule on the Account entity, which I wanted to extend.

Who doesn’t like a big fancy animated diagram? I’m sure you do. And like you, many other companies like to use diagrams. They usually just have a lot of data saved on their database and they (usually the marketing department) need to show the data in a more understandable way to their superior, colleagues and their customers.

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