Construction industry / construction suppliers

Construction industry & construction supply industry in transition

In the construction industry and construction supply industry, we have the special feature of one-, two-, or three-stage sales models. These processes sometimes run in parallel in companies, customer-specifically or depending on the building object.

Construction projects are lengthy from planning to implementation and there are many people involved during the construction phases. Not only the buying customers but also the project participants such as architects, project developers, and general contractors are processed by sales in the various phases of the construction project. In addition, trade often has to be integrated as a further sales level.

CRM for the construction & construction suppliers

In the construction industry and construction supply industry, both the best possible customer care concerning trade and the active direct support of construction projects and projects are important to be successful.

Sales are very complex and require a lot of commitment and know-how. It is therefore important to support sales with an optimally tailored CRM solution such as Baucore from IBS Technology.

IBS has many years of experience with CRM projects in the construction supply industry. Our Salesforce-based CRM solution baucore has been specially developed for the needs of the construction supply industry and enables strategic and successful object processing.

Our solution for construction and construction suppliers and its advantages

Building project digital

Whether construction suppliers, manufacturers or other industry companies – BauCore presents your sales channels holistically and optimizes and innovatively automates your sales processes.

Our BauCore App was successful in the German Innovation Award and won the Innovation Prize 2021. Awarded in the »Excellence in Business to Business«, class, more than 1000 users already trust BauCore and Salesforce. See for yourself!

German Innovation Award Winner 2021