Feedback Management

Feedback Management, advancing in customer retention

In order to acquire customers and have a long-term retention, it is important to integrate them actively in communication, besides marketing- and service patronization.

Newsletter are a common way to distribute news, but lacks the possibility to give customers options to send feedbacks or comments. With a feedback management tool, you are able to offer these options, helping you to collect target-oriented customer feedbacks and comments in an efficient way.


There are many examples of use:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Exhibition invitation with a registration/login process
  • Schooling registration with attendee informations
  • Idea management for product- and service improvement


IBS Technology Feedback Management

How would this work?

  • First task is to define your target group. Second, you define the campaign or event which will focus on your target group for the survey. Your focus is to collect answers from your customers in order to get a clear summary for evaluation.
  • By sending mails to each attendee of a campaign, you can add personal links (Token) which is embedded in the e-mail.
  • As soon as the customer follows the link, he/she ends up on the landing page which has a questionnaire (in any kind). Once the customer responds on this questionnaire (fills out the form and submits), all data will be managed in the background (depending on questionnaire content) using a CRM system. 
  • It is possible to connect the questionnaire with a CRM system and have validation features like address validation and correction.


What advantages do I have as a customer?

The advantages are obvious:

  • You will save time in the validation and correction process as it is done automatically by the feedback management tool (normally you will have to do this manually). This way you will save time, costs and avoid faulty data.   
  • Planning and processing is done in one process without interruption.
  • Usage of default campaign management aspects.
  • Release safe solution
  • The customer chooses questions and answers, which will be offered to the attendee, improving independence.
  • Evaluations are transparent and traceable.
  • High level of automation of the campaign processing.


This will professionalize your marketing processes with your customers. Allowing you to take care of your customer’s wishes, feedback and comments. And in a long-term process, gives you a much better customer retention.

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