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MailChimp integration, professional e-mail distribution 

Whoever tried to send many emails for a campaign and had its mail account suspended or blocked from mail servers, because of to many mails being sent from the same IP address or suspicious content in the mails, knows what it means to be tagged as spam.

One way to avoid this problem is by using a professional service like MailChimp (MC).

With a tool like MC, you can distribute news to business partners (Newsletter) or send out mass e-mails with invitations (with or without feedback features) in an efficient and easy way.

IBS Technology Email Marketing

How would this work?

  • First task is to define your target group. Second, you define the campaign or event which will focus on your target group for the survey. Your focus is to collect answers from your customers in order to get a clear summary for evaluation.
  • By sending mails to each attendee of a campaign, you can add personal links (Token) which is embedded in the e-mail.
  • With MC you have a high professional Tool to design the proper e-mail for this campaign.
  • With MC you can graphically design your e-mail and integrate data from your CRM system. A preview and a test mail (to internal e-mail addresses) allows you to test your content easily. MC also tests your content for indications of a typical spam mail helping you to avoid spam tools to flag your content as spam.
  • Once the target group of your campaign is complete, your CRM system starts to add activities and sends all the data about each member of the target group to MC (via a button) using our EAI product MessageBroker.
  • There are different validations/checks for each e-mail being sent to a member of the target group. Some of these validations/checks are blacklist checks, bounce checks (correct e-mail address), subscribing/unsubscribing by the receiver, etc.
  • The number of e-mails being read by the receiver is also measured, also the clicks of any link the receiver is clicking in the mail.


What advantages do I have as a customer?

The advantages are obvious:

  • Your servers will not be flagged as spam or blacklisted by other mail servers.
  • You have a high professional design tool to create beautiful looking e-mails.
  • Evaluation on how many mails have been read and what links have been clicked is available in a transparent and easy to understand way.
  • Subscribing and unsubscribing by customers is handled automatically.
  • You save time, costs and avoid faulty data.
  • Documentation of all mails being sent within the CRM system.

This way you are able to professionalize your appearance and improve reliance.

If you have questions or want to learn more about this feature, please feel free to contact us.


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