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Web-based CRM

with included processes for marketing, sales, and service:

Your 360-degree customer view

The 360-degree customer view offers you a clear picture of the most important customer data and activities - for a comprehensive overview and improved synergies between departments.

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IBS Technology - Aurea CRM in Marketing

CRM in Marketing

Aurea CRM in Marketing will allow you a focused approach to target groups and an efficient lead and campaign management. And you will know exactly how successful your activities are.

IBS Technology - Aurea CRM in Sales

CRM in Sales

Through Aurea CRM, your sales staff will always have the requisite know-how to be a step ahead of the competition, from sales control through opportunity management, to offer management.

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CRM for Service

Aurea CRM in Service supports staff with smooth processes: from comprehensive maintenance management to an optimal competence-based visit scheduler for the field team.

Mobile CRM by Aurea

One step ahead

Aurea’s mobile CRM solutions are optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and iPads. Being able to quickly access your CRM data on mobile devices can save your employees up to 1½ hours of administrative overheads per day.

The user interface is simplified and optimized for mobile devices, which helps increase user acceptance - which in turn motivates users to maintain your customer data while in the field. CRM.pad’s offline mode means users can even access data without an internet connection, e.g. during a flight. The ability to directly access to up-to-date customer information means your team can react quickly to customer queries and make decisions in real time wherever they are.

Aurea mobile solutions offer the following advantages:

  • User-friendly interface increases user acceptance and leads to higher data quality
  • Increase the efficiency of employees
  • Improve inter-departmental communication
  • Project a professional image when visiting customers and increase employee satisfaction
  • Speed up the decision-making process for the benefit of your customers

Aurea's mobile CRM solutions

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CRM.pad 2.0 - designed to succeed

Mobile CRM for the road

Designed to free up time for sales reps and service technicians to deal directly with customers rather than sitting behind a desk, CRM.pad 2.0’s sleek design places user-friendliness at the heart of the application.

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CRM for Smartphones

Mobile CRM-solution for your pocket

Permanent online access to your CRM data Thanks to intelligent search functions, all information about people, companies, and contact history is always available everywhere. Our mobile CRM solutions support a broad spectrum of mobile devices; they allow direct communication from the application; reading of data records; and the location of customers in your area. Especially for your sales and service employees, this is a practical expansion of the CRM solution.

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CRM for Laptops

Use database in Offline-Modus

Even without a permanent Internet connection, continued access to all data. The data comparison and synchronization takes place using sophisticated data replication.

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Our Aurea CRM solutions

IBS Technology - Feedback Management

Feedback Management

The knowledge about the customer needs is an important competitive advantage and the key to customer loyalty. It’s also a way to save additional cost, as the customer enters the data for you. This gives you the best data quality.| read more

IBS Technology - Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email series are an indispensable Email Marketing of business life today. With our Email Marketing solution you can see how easily and cost-effectively this can be done.| read more

IBS Technology - LDAP Sync


LDAPSync allows you to automatically synchronize your "Active Directory User"-data with Aurea CRM.| read more

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