IBS Technology GmbH was founded in Frankfurt in 2010 by Donny Santoso and Matthias Mauer. The name says it:

Innovative Business Solutions

IBS’s goal was and still is, to help companies become more successful by supporting them with technological solutions, in order to make their sales activities more efficient. Therefore, IBS created its own ISV solution, based on the Salesforce-platform and was honored with the Salesforce Innovation Award in 2018.

Since the beginning, we always developed ourselves and, in the meantime, have become a demanded provider of highly professional CRM solutions. We are a certified gold partner of the global CRM leader, Salesforce.com.

We have a deep understanding of our targeted market and the detailed know how of the processes has made us a leading partner of the building material industry.

We are curious and diversified team of individuals which expertise in business, solution development, innovation drivers and idea providers working on one goal:

The best service with the most innovative ideas for our clients, in order to exceed their expectations!

This includes partnerships with other technology providers, e.g. Docusign and Docomotion. We do not only see single processes but offer support for the entire customer journey with innovative and efficient solutions.

We are steadily growing and currently employ a team of 50 colleagues. Our values define our actions.


Our values


For us, the spirit of innovation means finding ways and solutions that are inspired by market and technology trends, but over and above that, exceed our customers' expectations and thus give them a competitive advantage.


Known paths don’t open new doors – we are driven by creativity and the love for technology.


Professionalism comes from competence. We don’t like the comfort zone instead we aim to develop ourselves further.


Investing in education means investing in a successful future. For us, for our employees and for our customers.


We practice open communication in all directions. Feedback and suggestions, especially the sharing of experiences, help us to become better in what we do.


We are open-minded and communicate openly and honestly.


Working at IBS is based on a supportive and helpful mindset.


As a team, we can only work well if we enjoy helping each other and working together rather than than working independently.


We are committed to what we do. We keep our promises.


For us, reliability goes hand in hand with honesty and trust. We believe this is the only way we can work together to achieve the best results for our customers.