Im Fokus der Lösung für die Fertigungsindustrie stehen die Unterstützung des Vertriebs und des Service zum Thema Kundengewinnung, Kundenbindung und Produktivitäts- und Umsatzsteigerung. Welche unterstützenden Funktionen die sind lesen Sie hier.


Im oft dreistufigen Vertrieb im Bauzulieferbereich steht das Bauobjektmanagement im Vordergrund des vertrieblichen Handelns. Die unterstützenden Marketing- Vertriebs- und Servicefunktionen zur Kundengewinnung- und Bindung, Produktivitäts- und Umsatzsteigerung sind ebenso vorhanden.


Im Fokus der Lösungen für den Dienstleistungsbereich steht das Thema Kundenmanagement und Vertriebssteuerung sowie oft sehr individuelle Anforderungen, weshalb wir hier auch kein allgemeines Whitepaper anbieten. In Abhängigkeit des Branchensegmentes kommt auch dem Thema Opportunitymanagement und Reklamationsmanagement entsprechende Bedeutung zu. Wenn dem so ist, finden sie im Whitepaper Industrie viele parallelen.






Finden Sie heraus, was IBS Technology für ein Paar von unserer Kunde schon geleistet hat.

  • Markus Laurenz
    Senior Advisor in Strategy Sales Goetzpartners - Management Consulting
    "We are very pleased to cooperate with IBS Technology in one of our clients' CRM project. Despite of being IT specialist they are strong in understanding business processes, so that we connect easily with each other. The outcome of this is together with IBS Technology we have succeeded creating CRM solutions that bring our client beneficial and sustainable value."
  • Cagatay Ulukan
    CRM Team Leader Messer - Industrial Gasses
    "As a design and implementation partner in our update CRM project IBS Technology have played their significant role in a remarkable manner. From pre- to post-implementation phase, in simple up to challenging scenarios involving other IT systems, they succeeded to make things work as we required."
  • Matthias Mauer
    CEO M&L AG
    "They possess state-of-the-art expertise in IT and they speak our language. As a result IBS Technology have provided solutions to support our client's marketing strategy. Integrating highly complex Geo-Marketing function into our client's CRM system is one of the projects they had successfully accomplished."
  • Fernando D'Alessio
    Head of Inside Sales MVC
    "We chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM primarily because we're already familiar with the style of MS products, and because of the deep Outlook integration. For the implementation, we looked for a partner who understands our sales process and was capable to realize the CRM project within four weeks. IBS Technology GmbH, Frankfurt successfully achieved what we were looking for. In this short amount of time IBS Technology GmbH implemented our sales process into our CRM system. Now we have far better transparency of our sales and marketing activities."
  • Marc Stumpp
    CRM Manager Oerlikon Balzers
    "Since the beginning of our Update CRM project, IBS Technology have successfully delivered solutions that cater our needs. Moreover they have shown outstanding effort to maintain our CRM system robust 24/7, which is crucial for our CRM team across the globe."
  • Frédéric Heinemann
    Director Professional Service Update Software Germany GmbH
    "We are truly delighted to have IBS Technology as one of our sales and business implementation partners. Their reliability and competence have been clearly manifested in various update CRM projects and thus making them an essential value for us to ensure our promise: our customers are more successful is kept alive."
  • Frank Vogellehner
    CRM Team Leader Wieland - Copper and Copper Alloys Industry
    "We benefit every day from the update CRM that IBS Technology had helped us customize. They focused on our requirements in both business and IT areas and delivered us solution that effectively supports us in providing our customers the highest level of satisfaction."

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